No Excuses.


I’m a brand new mommy. I am on baby number uno. I had a not so easy pregnancy and was high risk which didn’t help with my anxiety or the normal protectiveness any new mommy deals with. Lately, I’ve realized how many pet peeves I truly have. I used to have patience and I used to be understanding but after having a baby, you start saying what is on your mind and you start realizing that all of your patience goes toward your baby and everybody else just gets the short end of the stick. Which brings me to my new number one pet peeve… Asking me why when it comes to my child. If you ask me if my child can have solid foods and I say no, I should’t have to come up with an excuse. I mean, i have plenty… I want to be the first to feed him solids, I haven’t talked to his doctor, he was a preemie and I don’t know what he can and cannot digest… the list goes on. Should I have to waste my breath and explain this to you just to get some ridiculous looks back? NO!!! why? Because that is the joy of having your own child. 🙂 You see, I don’t have to tell you why he can’t go on a trip with you without me or why you can’t put orajel on his gums or even why I roll my eyes at every suggestion you give me on what doctor he should be going to because I am his momma and what I say automatically goes. For years, childless me has set back and never questioned any mom on why she says or does what she says and does about her child because I wasn’t a mom and so I couldn’t put myself in her shoes. I didn’t know what was best for that child, I assume that the number one woman in his life knows what is best for him. Even now, as a mom, I respect other moms. I don’t question what they say, I know that if that is how they feel, it should be respected. If a mom says no, don’t scowl at her. So when I say no, don’t say I’m too protective and need to let go. Don’t ask me why. Don’t even make a face. Just say okay and go on about your day. I don’t have to make excuses for how I raise MY child. 


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