Would You Tell God His Plan Is Backwards?

A positive pregnancy test at the young age of twenty was not the plan I had written for myself or for the future of me and my boyfriend of 3 years. We still had 3-5 years of saving up to do before we even attempted to be engaged. I had to start and finish college. I had a whole to-do list. Those were my first thoughts when I seen the two little pink lines. Although it wasn’t the plan, we played the game so we had to bear the pain and although it might sound like my world was turned upside down, it only was for a minute. Now, I’m not really an open christian. I don’t shove it down peoples throats and I only talk about it if someone sits down and wants to discuss it but I will say, this was God’s will for me. I realized that. Almost as soon as the selfish thoughts flooded my mind, they disappeared and I realized I was put on this Earth to be a mother and I started loving this little heartbeat inside of me instantly. Just as soon as I had announced I was pregnant, the love started flowing in but not only that, so did the criticism. I was too young, I was unmarried and quite a few people made that clear. I still, to this day, see posts from our friends about people doing things “backwards.” They go on to say they are doing it the right way and they are glad they are choosing when they have children and that they will be married when they do so. It seems like a low blow coming from people we think are so close to us. It doesn’t make me regret anything, it just makes me want to look at them and say, “would you look at God and tell him his plan is backwards?” Would they tag God in that post as they act all Holy and judge others all in the same sentence? My life is not backwards… It took a different route than others. I met the real love of my life a little sooner than expected. I was blessed to be handed a child and to carry it and to be able to witness such a perfect blessing. My life is not backwards just because I didn’t do it societies way… I went the way I was supposed to go. I hope that if you are going through the same thing that you don’t let people cause you regrets. I hope you cherish motherhood, whether you are single or engaged or whatever and I hope you remember your life is taking a certain path for a reason. You are right where you need to be and nobody can tell you its a mistake or backwards!


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